Outer Fire Pit Table

Posted: January 11, 2022
Outer Fire Pit Table
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The Outer Fire Pit Table is an all-in-one backyard table, fireplace, and interactive BBQ. Use its griddle pans and stands to grill & chill on the patio throughout the year, or just cozy up alongside the open flame dancing through a stack of gray ceramic stone spheres that add visual interest to the Fire Pit Table without interrupting its subtle, modern design.

The Fire Pit Table is gas-powered, and requires a propane tank that, unfortunately, does not store inside the table. Outer does include a cover for it, in the same muted gray as the rest of the set, so it blends a little better, but it connects via a short hose, and I feel like the two together kind of disrupt the overall effect the Fire Pit Table was going for.

Still, if you're hosting a backyard BBQ, or cozying up for date night, the Outer Fire Pit Table is versatile enough to add some fun or romance to the atmosphere. You also have the option of removing the stone spheres, and covering the fire pit center to create a fully flat table surface.

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