Outdoor Shower

Posted: April 08, 2012
Outdoor Shower
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The only thing better than a water shower cascading down from above is a water shower shooting up from below. Champions of bidets and enemas, you know what we're talking about, 'ey? And though the photos depict fancy frolicking ladies and men in complex-looking exterior installations and rabbit heads using the VITEO Outdoor Shower, it is actually a beautifully simple creation. Sourced by a standard garden hose, the spray ignites when users step up to the shower's circular platform, and turns off when they step down. Body weight determines the height of the mini geysers, which can peak at 12 feet.

The shower's slim profile and portability allow for easy rotation from pool to garden to balcony to discreet locations in public parks with a high density of women wearing white sundresses. Its diameter is 31.5", height 4.7", and weight approximately 31 pounds. Minimum load for shower activation is 40 pounds. Maximum load for shower not busting is 330 pounds.

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