OtO Smart Automatic Lawn & Garden Sprinkler

Posted: April 22, 2023
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OtO is an above-ground smart automatic lawn and garden irrigation system. Which is to say, a high-tech, low-effort, fancy-pants sprinkler you control with your phone.

Each OtO unit - you can buy as many as you need, individually - is a slim, oblong box with a rotating, spherical sprinkler head on top. Mount it to a wall or set it on the ground, and then connect to your garden hose and WiFi to get started. The process should take minutes.

From the OtO app, you can then create watering schedules and custom-shaped watering zones, so you water only what you need (i.e., plants and grass, not patios and sidewalks) when you need to. OtO says its "unique precision nozzle" allows for establishing these boundaries and patterns. The sprinkler system also senses the weather, and won't run as scheduled if it's raining.

The additional bulk of the OtO box exists to hold OtO's Solutions, fertilizers and lawn care compounds the sprinkler system automatically deploys on a daily / weekly / custom basis. At printing, Solutions were available in Lawn Food (fertilizer), Stop the Bites! (mosquito, tick, and general pest control), and Odor Eliminator (specifically, dog pee). None contain toxic chemicals, and are kid-, pet-, and planet-safe. As with watering, you can use the OtO app to specify when and in what custom zone to release the OtO Solutions.

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