NETVUE Birdfy Lite Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

Posted: February 16, 2023
NETVUE Birdfy Lite Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
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Who needs a NETVUE Birdfy Lite smart bird feeder fitted with a camera and camera-recharging solar panels when you have a property like the one in the photo to look out over? Huge grassy yard, lush landscaping, situated amongst rolling, tree-covered hills - these people don't need a Birdfy Lite and an app to see cool shit, they can just look out any window of their mansion, any time of day.

The types who need NETVUE's Birdfy Lite are the types like myself. And my mama. The people who live in nondescript condos with planter-covered balconies, and 1,400-square-foot homes with modest (but immaculately kept!) yards. The people whose properties have little to no visual interest until a hummingbird or a cardinal or some dumb bird of North America flies into it for a looksee. The Birdfy Lite smart bird feeder is the key to our types being able to have a looksee right back.

Equipped with a 1080P color night vision camera, the Birdfy Lite snaps clear, selfie-like images and videos all day and night. It also has 8X magnification capabilities, so you'll be able to zoom in on the details, and get way more than a bird's eye view of your feathered visitors. Using the NETVUE app, the bird feeder's 5dBi antenna, and a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection, you can view birds at the feeder in real time, or at any time, from anywhere you're connected to the internet. Set up alerts and NETVUE will ping you anytime the camera detects motion.

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