Mid-Century Wood Shop Birdhouses

Posted: April 11, 2023
Mid-Century Wood Shop Birdhouses
$245 - $1,699
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Sorry, birds, I know any one of these mid-century modern birdhouses from Mid-Century Wood Shop would be your dream home, but I myself live in a condo because I can't afford a house. So unless you start contributing, round up your sneaky beaked friends, and get to work scavenging for dropped bills and coins, plus straight-up stealing wads of cash from dudes standing in line at the food truck, I can't afford to buy you a house either. Especially not a luxe architectural masterpiece like one of Mid-Century Wood Shop's designs.

So I'll stick with my 1200-square-foot cube in a multi-family low-rise, and you stick with your DIY twig-and-leaf builds in the trees.

Though in an effort to persuade you not to nest in my building's gutters and roof overhangs, and because we were just chatting about them, I would be willing to purchase and fill a Food Truck Bird Feeder for you.

Mid-Century Wood Shop handmakes mid-century modern birdhouses in over a dozen different designs, each in your choice of color combinations. Above you see The Meadow Park, part of the shop's Eichler Series. It features a quarter sawn mahogany garage door, an atomic age, diamond window door, a private garden enclosed with a 1/2" thick breeze block mahogany fence, and backlighting shining through all the home's windows.

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