Magidome Geodesic Dome Connector Kit

Posted: January 18, 2021
Magidome Geodesic Dome Connector Kit
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What would you do with your very own geodesic dome? Make a greenhouse? A yoga studio or meditation chamber? An outdoor office or covered dining area? A reading room or, ahem, date night escape from the kids? Magidome's Geodesic Dome Connectors team up with 1" x 2" lumber to build into the best brand of backyard retreat: one that's simple, DIY, relatively inexpensive, and full of possibilities.

Magidome kits come with 11 connectors that fit onto and link together 25 equal length 1" x 2" timbers - enough to build 1 complete geodesic dome between 7.5' and 11' wide. Size is adjustable based on the timber lengths you choose, with 6' being the maximum length recommended to ensure structural stability.

Once your Magidome is complete, you can cover it with cloth, canvas, tarps, saran wrap and aluminum foil - whatever materials suit your desired intent for the structure. In addition to my thoughts above, Magidomes have been used for shade / camping tents and yurts, chicken runs and coops, playhouses and forts, and garden trellises. According to Magidome, their Connectors have even linked up to build shelters for those experiencing homelessness.

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