Life Size King Cobra Snake Statue

Posted: February 16, 2017
Life Size King Cobra Snake Statue

King Cobra says, "Rise and shine, Cornelius!" And, "Welcome home, She-Ra: Princess of Power!" And, "Whatcha workin' on, Tom from IT?" And, "Hey there, Mama...." Nah. I won't Life Size King Cobra Snake Statue my mama.

Up close this hand-painted resin reproduction of a coiled king cobra in all its 42" long x 26" wide x 43" high glory looks like what it is: a statue. But that's up close. Up real close. And viewed by someone who hasn't encountered the snake suddenly and unexpectedly as, say, part of an April Fool's Day prank. Or a Tuesday Afternoon prank. The mileage I could get out of this thing is almost limitless.

And once you've finished using the life size king cobra snake to scare the life size turd snakes out of everyone you know, go ahead and set him up in the front yard or garden and continue the fun with everyone you don't.

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