LED Snow Flurry Projection Light

Posted: November 14, 2014
LED Snow Flurry Projection Light
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Oh the trouble Clark Griswold could have saved himself if only he'd gone on Christmas vacation in the 2010s. Nowadays one little green box fitted with one pint-sized disco ball connected to one tiny projector are all it takes to alight the side of your house, or any area up to 40' high x 60' wide, with an LED illusion of falling snow.

The Light Flurries projector is holiday cheer without the legwork. It not only beams out a virtual winter's snow at the touch of a button, it does it at customizable flake sizes and fall rates. A single 12V AC plug and outlet power the unit, whose weather-resistant housing protects its reflective "snowball", motor, and speed dial controller. Similar to the Illuminator, the Light Flurries machine turns a fat wad of holiday decorating duties into a single, 5-minute effort. The latter comes in white only*, but that's cool because so does snow. At least until some jackass lets his dog take a leak in your yard. The snow effect projector also costs almost 50% less than the laser Illuminator.

*You can get a Light Flurries accessory to add color here.

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