Lawn Lights

Posted: October 24, 2014
Lawn Lights
$59.88 - $99.88
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Ooh, it's like getting forked but way more visible at night and slightly less embarrassing for the homeowner. Also less likely to instigate an elaborate payback plot. Even better, Lawn Lights make all holiday, party, and redneck lighting needs as easy as a roll and a stake.

In 10 to 15 minutes, Lawn Lights unravel from their box into a series of evenly spaced LEDs that installers secure to the ground with stakes (1 stake per light). Bulbs are sealed inside waterproof 5mm round housings and rated to burn for 50,000 hours. And according to the photos, they look just as festive and bright shining through a few inches of snow.

Each set of Lawn Lights needs 1 power outlet for operation. Lights are packaged to suit varying yard sizes, and generally sold according to the square footage they will cover. Model numbers reflect first how many LEDs are on the string and then the spacing in feet between each light (e.g., 21-10). Sets are available in colors Warm White, Cool White, Sparkling Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, and Morphing Multi-Color.

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