LandShark Pound-In Landscape Edging

Posted: June 03, 2016
LandShark Pound-In Landscape Edging
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Obviously I know nothing about gardening or landscape designs...or doing anything with care and precision, really--but I do know that I like the look of this toothy edging. I also like that they use the words "LandShark" (Land Shark!) and "Pound-In" (yessir, that's exactly what I'm thinking of) to describe it.

And if you actually are the backyard artist type, Dimex's edging kit seems like a much better alternative to flat-bottomed edging because it doesn't require a bunch of digging and burying. Reviewers, though few, wholeheartedly agree.

LandShark edging comes in spools of 12' or 20'. It installs out of the box, requiring no straightening or heating in the sun to give it flexibility. For both straight and curved landscape borders, you'll need to score the ground around 2" along the layout. Then just weave the LandShark through your design and Pound-In to your desired soil depth with a mallet or hammer. Hand snips or hand saws will cut the edging to your desired size.

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