Land Shark Sculpture

Posted: June 30, 2016
Land Shark Sculpture
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Shark Week might excite, amaze, and terrify for 7 days, but the Land Shark lawn ornament will do it all. year. long. Tucson Artist Chris Crooks smiths his Great Whites of the back yard by hand from 16-gauge cold rolled steel. He then ages them with a bright rust patina so they look less like sharks underwater, and more like sharks bathed in the setting sun as they surface to eat you.

Lawn Sharks come in 2 segments to give a partial pop-up illusion. Heads measure 37-1/2" long x 22" tall and tails 21" long x 22-1/2" tall. Segments have mounting brackets that attach to included 6" lawn stakes for setup.

Speaking of which, I recommend setting up lawn Jaws at the end of a winding Wahii 75' water slide, and then inviting all the nieces and nephews and little cousins and friend Cornelius who goes straight-up petrified just hearing the word "shark" over for a fun afternoon of water games. But that's only because I'm a mean-spirited person who always goes for the easy targets.

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