Ladybug, Bee & Butterfly House

Posted: June 30, 2021
Ladybug, Bee & Butterfly House
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I recently went to my city's botanical gardens and saw these ladybug, bee & butterfly houses all over the place. Except since I don't like reading informational placards, I had no idea they were ladybug, bee & butterfly houses. I just thought they were some art installation, possibly made by the kids at the gardens' summer camps. And then I stumbled upon them on the internet and I see, huh, they have a purpose. And a good one at that.

Made of cedar wood, bamboo, sawdust, pine cones, wire mesh, and plywood, the houses can serve as a habitat, hatchery, or just a shelter in the storm for a variety of insects you might actually want in your garden or backyard. They attract primarily mason bees, green lacewings, digger wasps, and wild bees, in addition to ladybugs and butterflies.

Insect houses come in a few different sizes and finish options. You can hang them from a tree or post, or just set them on the ground in your grass or garden bed.

OK, can I just tell you dudes my mama is dealing with a pavement ant infestation at her house the summer, and by my mama is dealing with an ant infestation I obviously mean I am dealing with an ant infestation? It. Sucks. I keep trying to put these slow-poison sugar and protein traps out so they eat some, and then take some back to their queen and kill the hive, but so far it is not working. Just creating a bigger mess of ants and ant detritus near the traps, plus spilled goo when my mama or I accidentally kicks one. Worse, I've spent the last week, day and night, feeling like there are ants crawling all over me. Bllllaaaahhhh!

Anyway, I would totally buy the pavement ants one of these insect houses - I would buy them 20! - if they would move out of my mama's house to go live in them, but alas. The little wooden wonders appear to attract ladybugs, bees, and butterflies only.

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