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Posted: October 08, 2015
Indoor/Outdoor Electric Table Heater
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Some people really like to eat outside (me). Other people really like to complain about how it's too cold to eat outside (my girlfriend). Put those people together and you'll get one of 3 things: arguments; silent resentment; or compromise. In this case, compromise also goes by the name Heat Lamp. Heat lamps let everyone enjoy the crisp freshness of fall air, regardless of how poor they claim their blood circulation is. They ensure you don't miss out on the camaraderie of tailgating season or the 9% ABV boots of Oktoberfest on account of those who start whining that they can't feel their appendages as soon as the temperature drops below 60. Heat lamps are awesome. And this particular heat lamp, an electric indoor/outdoor model that's been converted to a cocktail table, is particularly awesome.

The main problem with full-length heat lamps is that usually when I stand in front of one for more than 60 seconds it starts to feel like my face is going to burn off. But with the Table Heater, the source of the heat is concentrated at waist level and lower, so it's never blasting high temperatures at sensitive areas (well, at least not those that are exposed.) And since heat rises, I'm presuming the upper body will still get enough warmth for comfort. Plus you can sit down and eat sloppy joes and brisket sandwiches at its 24" tabletop.

The heater portion of the stainless steel table has a 1500-watt output with 2-stage temperature control. It is capable of outputting heat up to 15 feet in any direction. Total table height is 42".

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