Grass Printer

Posted: March 21, 2014
Grass Printer

Designers Prof. Doh Han Young, Jeong Koo Hee, and Kim Min Hong recently won a Red Dot Award for their Grass Printer. As you might have guessed, the Grass Printer is a device that prints stuff in grass*. It literally mows graphics into your lawn based on images you sketch into its touchscreen. Though still just a concept, I am already compiling a list of all the awesome things I'm going to emblazon across my (mama's) front yard. So far I have Batman, a gremlin, Slimer, and Falcor smoking a doobie. Topiaries, better suck it up, because the Grass Printer is about to line up your record run as Most Incredible Artistic Landscaping Technique and mow it right over! In the crisp and tidy shape of an extended middle finger!

Once the Grass Printer receives image input, its control system performs a series of calculations based on the sketch, and then sends the cutting math to the mower's blades. The blades smaller than those installed on standard mowers, facilitating faster and more accurate cutting, and creating clean, recognizable images that may or may not reduce the neighbors' property values to the same extent as an elaborate combat and zombie garden gnome installation. The Grass Printer mows designs into lawn areas framed by sensor markers. A motor moves its cutter shafts both horizontally and vertically in accordance with the mower's position within the sensor-defined area.

*Or you might have guessed that the Grass Printer prints weed. Sadly, this one does not, but maybe someone will make one of those to submit for next year's Red Dot Awards.

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