Gardena Leaf & Lawn Collector

Posted: July 14, 2022
Gardena Leaf Collector
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The leaves may not be falling yet, but look at them up there. All green and wispy, shaking their golden ratioed little asses in the wind. They're just biding their time. Waiting for a few brisk nights. A random September snow. And then...it's brown and on the ground, en masse, like that.

So no, my dudes, the leaves may not be falling yet, but you know, and I know, and the Gardena Leaf & Lawn Collector knows one thing for sure: Autumn is coming.

The Gardena Leaf & Lawn Collector, presuming it does what it say it do, might be the easiest method of leaf collection I've ever seen. It's like a vacuum cleaner for the lawn. Roll the not-mower over fallen leaves, and its "sophisticated system of brushes" will gather them up and push them upward into a basket attached behind the wheels. Gardena says the Leaf & Lawn Collector can pick up grass clippings and scarifying material, whatever the foliage that is, too.

The Gardena Leaf & Lawn Collector is a motor-less addition to your garage or shed, so there are no components requiring gas or electricity, and the tool's operation is virtually noiseless.

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