Foldable Telescoping Rake

Posted: September 11, 2019
Foldable Telescoping Rake
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What blooms in the fall? This foldable telescoping rake from Professional EZ Travel Collection is here to make a tedious, back-breaking job fast, easy, and super fun.


Raking leaves and other crap out of your yard is still going to suck, but at least a rake that retracts both vertically and horizontally will fit better in your shed or garage, plus be less likely to poke your eyes out with its steel tines every time you pick it up and put it back. The adjustable rake is also a good choice for anyone who needs to travel with their lawn and garden tools, from landscapers to good sons who go to their mama's house to help her with yardwork on Saturday afternoons (i.e., not me.)

The telescoping portion of the rake adjusts from 37" to 68" long, and its fanning head from 7.5" to 21.75" wide. In addition to herding the tines together for storage, locking the rake head in place at narrower widths facilitates raking in between perennials and smaller garden installations with less risk of damaging them. You can also go after debris in window wells and underneath normally inaccessible places in the middle of dense flower beds.

The body of the rake is made of an aluminum alloy material, giving it solid strength without adding heft to its weight. It has an easy-grip rubberized handle.

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