Flying Saucer LED Kite

Posted: March 27, 2020
Flying Saucer LED Kite
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Know what we need? A UFO prank, courtesy of this Flying Saucer LED Kite, to get everyone's minds off the coronavirus pandemic. All these people stuck inside, anxious and panicking about their jobs, their futures, their toilet paper supplies, they need a diversion. Something else to freak about. And I think nothing fits that bill better than a good ol' alien invasion.

Order now and the Flying Saucer LED Kite might even arrive by April Fool's Day!

Kite measurements are a formidable 9.5' x 4.8'. The flying saucer centerpiece is illuminated by 136 LEDs, with color-changing options.

If you're not ready to go fly a Flying Saucer LED Kite yet, you may get just as much joy from reading its product description, which appears to have been written by little green men themselves. Choice nuggets include:

  • "You are unique, you like to go beyond, you have a dream, you get power."
  • "Happiness only real when shared, while hide ordinary, its just called 'MAN'."
  • "Due to the highly centralized spirit when flying a kite, so will remove the heart of your thoughts."

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