Flow Hives Langstroth-Style Cedar Beehive

Posted: April 20, 2019
Flow Hives Langstroth Style Cedar Beehive
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B**ch is always gonna have your honey with a Flow Hive, because this Langstroth-style cedar beehive can be summed in 3 words: Honey. On. Tap.

Developed by a father-son beekeeping team, Flow Hives represent a decade of their work to create beehives with easier ways to harvest honey without harming the buzzing residents, or those collecting their sweet nectar. What was previously a week's worth of honey collection, many a crushed bee, and at least as many bee stings, is now as easy as pouring yourself a beer.

Well. Sort of.

When it's time to harvest, you'll need to remove key access and honey trough caps on the hive to insert and secure a honey tube, and then a flow key. I'd imagine this takes some care and finesse. Once in place though, it does sound draft-pour easy to turn the flow key and standby as honey heads down the tube into your jar or collection reservoir, all ready for pouring on your Corn Flakes, lapping up with a spoon, or using as an infusion base for some chili peppers to really turn it into the Bee's Knees.

During the harvest process, bees are undisturbed on the surface of their honeycomb thanks to a configuration wherein cells split and turn into flow channels.

This Langstroth-style Flow Hive is a 6-frame cedar DIY kit. The flow frames consist of partial honeycomb cells, which the bees finish off with wax, and then fill with honey before capping.

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