Death Star Birdhouse

Posted: June 10, 2013
Death Star Birdhouse
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I wonder if the birds who enter the Death Star birdhouse ever come out. If not, I wish it were a residence for those of the feline persuasion. Or better, I hope the birds do come out alive, but with mutated laser eyes so they can finally have a fair fight with the Laser Space Cats. And all cats that have been terrorizing them since the dawn of 1942, when Bob Clampett created Tweety.

This ceramic Death Star birdhouse does not come with a Stormtrooper to tend to it, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with a C3PO to sit perched in its opening either, but it does come as an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merch and, in turn, a big smile from George Lucas' accountant.

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