Crash Landing Flying Saucer Statue

Posted: March 24, 2012
Crash Landing Spacecraft Statue
  • Crash Landing Spacecraft Statue
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Here's the crash. The burn is what the Joneses are going to feel when you get ahold of this phantasmagorical post-collision flying saucer statue first. Oh how revelers at the annual Star Wars garden party will delight in the novelty of it, and how lesser flamingo and gnome lawn ornaments will plot to launch it back to Melmac.

The no-mas-flying saucer is cast in designer resin, and hand-painted to highlight its portal windows and powerful thrusters. It also emits an electrostatic force field to preclude dogs from pissing on it.

Spaceship measurements are 31" wide x 22" tall, with a diameter of 19". Weight is 40 pounds.

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