Cowboy Cauldron BBQ & Fire Pits

Posted: August 02, 2017
Cowboy Cauldron BBQ & Fire Pits
$899 - $2,999
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A Cowboy Cauldron brings together folks from all walks of life. Wranglers can cook out with witches. Dudes from the ranch can grill with dads from McMansions. Fantasy fans can warm their hands across the fire pit from hipsters. Cowboy Cauldrons know no boundaries. Even better, the Salt Lake City-based company says no matter who you are, "a Cauldron will literally change your life. In fact, it will almost surely change the lives of grandchildren and great-grandchildren who aren't even born yet."

Whoa. Now that's a sell as hard as the solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel Cowboy Cauldrons are made from.

Available in 3 sizes, Cowboy Cauldrons are suitable for use as wood-burning fire pits that set the mood and cut the chill, as well as wood or charcoal flat or rotisserie grills, plus table surfaces when not smoldering. I imagine they'd be a sick backdrop for a few skull fireplace logs too. Just in time for my Halloween party.

Urban Cowboy (30" basin diameter), Wrangler (36"), and Ranch Boss (42") packages all come with a cooking grill, 2-piece charcoal grate, and a cover. Optional add-ons include Cowboy Cauldron-made cast iron pans, hand-wrought chains, a rotisserie set, and a fire ring.

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