Blake McFarland Tire Sculptures

Posted: January 25, 2017
Blake McFarland Tire Sculptures

And I thought using old tires for Cross-Fit training and Tough Mudder obstacle courses was a nice way to recycle. But when artist Blake McFarland hauls the landfill-bound tires he finds into his studio, he doesn't use them for strength or agility training. Dude cuts them into strips and weaves them into the insane sculptures you see here. That snarling bear lurching toward your succulent face? His head, his fur, his meat-shredding paws are all made of old Goodyears and Firestones. Or whatever McFarland found in the junkyard.

McFarland intertwines and secures different tread designs and varying tire widths into terrifically realistic musculatures of animals, humans, and even flower vases fit for your love this Valentine's Day. Each sculpture takes the San Jose native about a month to build. His Bronco and Bucky the Badger pieces were recent commissions for the 2017 Goodyear Cotton Bowl, which pit the Western Michigan Broncos against the Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers won the game, but the winning sculpture...it's a toss-up.

McFarland also applies his nimble artistry to wine corks, creating images and words for wall display. In his spare time, McFarland plays Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays. Yeah. No shit.

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