Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Built-In Camera

Posted: February 17, 2021
$199 - $209
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It took some real bird brains to come up with this fine feathered gadget. Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder with a built-in camera that ensures you'll never miss a tweet. Using motion sensors, a microphone, and facial recognition software (Woodstock represented the bird population in an ethics violation case, but lost) Bird Buddy detects, photographs, identifies, and notifies you of every bird that visits your seed stop.

Through the Bird Buddy app, you'll receive a notification whenever a bird flutters to your feeder, plus a close-up photo of the little guy taken from a "goofy, selfie-like perspective." Over time, Bird Buddy will build a collection of your winged friends, and organize them in an easily viewed and shared album.

Bird Buddy's AI algorithm combines with its built-in mic to identify dumb bird species of North America, plus hundreds and hundreds of other not dumb species, by both sight and sound. You'll get that information along with the photograph the feeder takes. During times you're able to watch birds feeding live, you can take control of Bird Buddy's camera with your phone to get a closeup view of the action, and snap your own photos.

The Bird Buddy smart module is detachable from the bird feeder, and can be upgraded separately over time. At printing, Bird Buddy was available for pre-order onIndieGoGo.

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