8' Inflatable Christmas Vacation Station Wagon

Posted: December 01, 2018
8' Inflatable Christmas Vacation Station Wagon
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This 8' Inflatable National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Station Wagon didn't make my list of The Best Christmas Movie Themed Gifts because I thought the Griswolds' moose mugs and a Christmas Vacation Village were a little more...practical to buy and use. But the family station wagon, loaded up with their 15' Christmas tree, still deserves a mention in some capacity.

The standout piece of holiday decor / yearlong yard art self-inflates to a respectable 8' long. So, not quite to scale like the actual station wagon my Aunt Jan is always crabbing her neighbor Jeb parks on his front lawn, but still big enough to get recognized (and applauded!) by everyone who passes by.

The inflatable Christmas Vacation Station Wagon's stunning visuals go even further with built-in LEDs that light it up for full nighttime visibility.

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