MoonPhase Triple Folding Camp Chair

Posted: September 08, 2019
MoonPhase Triple Folding Camp Chair
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Forget the howling wolves and T-shirts, this is the kind of Moon gear I want in my life. The MoonPhase Triple - better called the 3 Moon Moon Chair, I think - is a camp chair from OmniCore Designs made to seat Mama, Papa, and Baby Butt all together and in comfort.

In fact, each of the MoonPhase chair's seats has a 300-pound weight capacity, so if you've got 3 Papa Butts looking to take a load off, the 600 denier PVC polyester fabric will welcome them too.

Despite its inviting comparison to the type of moon created with the body part you'll use it for (this one), the MoonPhase Triple actually gets its name from the moon in the sky. And specifically, the changes in size and shape we see our moon experience during its monthly cycle. The camp chair can perform similar morphs, with setup possible in one long line for straight-ahead viewing during sporting events, or with each chair pivoted to desired inward angles so friends can sit in more of a semi-circle around the campfire.

The MoonPhase Triple's cover and steel frame disengage and break down too, so you can carry the chair in its included Roll-Tote bag.

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