Alien Sleeping Bag

Posted: January 14, 2023
Alien Sleeping Bag
$117.79 - $185.99
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Don the Alien Sleeping Bag, and watch the tables turn on Bigfoot, Sasquatch, grizzly bears, and all the other beasts of the forest who will now tell campfire stories about and live in fear of you.

Muahahah- aaah owww! Who just shot me with bear spray?! Squatch, was that you?!

The Alien Sleeping Bag looks like someone just took a Selk'bag and sewed a Full Face Trapper Hat on top. Still, the results are magnificent. These are two excellent products whose excellence is amplified, like, tenfold when combined into a head-to-toe suit of warmth and anonymity, and I for one didn't think to do it, so kudos to whomever did.

The Alien Sleeping Bag has all bases covered: cold weather; bright sun; minimalist camping; thwarting facial recognition software; having your flight canceled and having to sleep at the airport; getting locked out of the house and having to sleep in the backyard; and creating general discomfort in people who don't know what's behind the alien face and wearable sleeping bag.

Presumably, the Alien Sleeping Bag has also devised a way for wearers to breathe while using it.

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