AERIAL A1 Tree Tent

Posted: May 06, 2020
AERIAL A1 Tree Tent
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O peon, go! Collecteth mine AERIAL A1 Tree Tent and wrapeth its high tensile webbing straps 'round twin trees so I may slumber like the sloth!

The Opeongo AERIAL A1 Tree Tent is neither the first tree tent, nor the first tent-hammock hybrid we've seen - Tentsile has been sleeping in the trees for years, just last fall there was the Haven Tent, and before that the Tammock. But that's not to say there's no room for more. Plus, Opeongo believes they have refined the shelter into "an intuitive design made for real campers," and one that lets them call the AERIAL A1 the first of its kind.

AERIAL A1 Tree Tent suspension comes courtesy of slackline-inspired system. When you loop the tent's pair of webbing straps around your trees, you'll pull back them from both sides of the trunk to achieve a 4-point connection system. That pairs with tension and 2 AERIAL A1 spreader bars to establish a sturdy, flat platform at the tent's center, rather than your typical body-contouring hammock dip. Opeongo says it should feel like sleeping on a high quality cot, and allow the tent's resident to sleep in back, side, or stomach positions, as well as roll to change throughout the night without feeling tippy. (That's tippy. Tipsy is still entirely in your hands. Yeah, the ones holding that flask. Don't drink and tree tent, dudes.)

Opeongo is crowdfunding the AERIAL A1 Tree Tent here on Kickstarter through May 31, 2020.

By the way, the Opeongo brand takes their name from a river and lake in Ontario, Canada, where the company is based, not from Shakespearean English. That part was just my luminous imagination at work. Thou art welcometh.

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