Haven Tent - Sleep-Flat Hammock

Posted: October 01, 2019
$245 - $295
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As cozy and swingin' as hammocks are, a true suspended Haven in the woods probably wouldn't try to treat you like a caterpillar, or a dead Egyptian, with walls that collapse in on you, and a base that sags under your weight. Cocoons and mummification have their place during life-changing events, but they're no guarantee of a good night's sleep during camping trips, or even naps in the backyard.

Haven calls itself "a hammock...only comfortable," and "a tent...but easy to set up and take down." The hanging sleeper's most standout feature is a flat, ergonomic platform at the bottom that allows you to lie flat inside it. And that's flat on your back, on your side, on your stomach, or, depending on how you interpret Haven's assertion that they've "combined the best of hammock camping and tent camping into one amazing lay," a few positions you never thought possible.

The Haven Tent uses suspension arcs that perform similar to those used in a bridge to create low sidewalls that provide easy in / out privileges and unobstructed views, without compromising the support of the flat sleeping platform. Internal spreader bars maintain the open, pressure-free interior space, and make room for a custom air mattress with horizontal tubing.

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