Campfire Flyers Flame-Powered Kinetic Dragon Sculpture

Posted: April 14, 2021
Campfire Flyers Flame-Powered Kinetic Dragon Sculpture
$95 - $525
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But can these fire dragons roast marshmallows? Maybe not with their breath, but Campfire Flyers, kinetic dragon sculptures powered by the flames of your campfire, could probably be rigged to hold the sticks.

Designed by kinetic artists, and father and son, Jeffrey and Carl Zachmann, Campfire Flyers consist of steel dragon cutouts attached to rods and a ground stake. They loosely resemble a mobile you'd hang in a kid's room, but instead of a crib, Campfire Flyers dangle over a campfire or fire pit. When lit, the fire's flames create thermal convective currents, with rising heat that creates an updraft and makes the dragons fly. In circles, with wings flapping, like they're protecting the land below.

Or trying to get a perfect, evenly brown rost on your marshmallows.

Campfire Flyers are seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter through May 13, 2021. Backers can choose from the kinetic sculpture alone - the dragons and their ground stake - or invest in the Zachmanns' sick 16/14 gauge steel castle fire pit too. Don't forget the Magical Flames.

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