Magical Flames Ultimate Flames Campfire Colorant

Posted: September 11, 2020
Magical Flames Ultimate Flames Campfire Colorant
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Magical Flames believes they have one-upped themselves with Ultimate Flames, a campfire colorant that burns with "35% more color!" than their original fire-tinting tincture. And that's great! Campfires are mesmerizing as is, and when you add a rainbow of color, and then add 35% more color to that rainbow of color? Well, to quote the great Joey Russo: Whoa!

The one thing I wonder is, could Magical Flames maybe produce some packs of their Ultimate Flames campfire colorant in solid blue and solid pink? Because, I mean, I know fire always comes with a certain level of risk, but tossing one of these packets into an existing and controlled campfire, backyard fire pit, or, even better, indoor fireplace, seems a whole lot safer for your next gender reveal party than using a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device.

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