BOTE Hangout Suite Floating Chair

Posted: March 30, 2023
BOTE Hangout Suite Floating Chair
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A floating chair that's part of a "Hangout Suite," now that's what I'm talking aBOTE. Made with BOTE's unique inflatable AeroULTRA technology, and styled in its trademark seafoam green, the Floating Chair is a standalone piece of the brand's Hangout Suite series, which also includes connectable Inflatable Dock Hangouts in rounded and angled styles, a circular drink bar, a full-body lounger, FLOATubes, and Gatorshell coolers.

The Floating Chair is suitable for use at the pool, beach, or lake, and has inflated dimensions of 4' long x 44" wide x 4" deep. Deflated, it weighs 11 pounds.

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