BOTE Inflatable Dock Hangout

Posted: April 13, 2022
BOTE Inflatable Dock Hangout
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Throw one of these Inflatable Dock Hangouts in the lake this summer, and you'll be the coolest cat in the Party Cove. No ifs, ands, or BOTEs about it.

And even if you're nowhere near the Ozarks...or prefer to do your floatin' somewhere a bit, uh, schmancier, the BOTE Inflatable Dock Hangout is an easy way to get you and all your friends Cornelius on the water for day of drinking and dozing in the sun.

The Dock Hangout's inflated dimensions are 10' wide x 18" tall x 8'3" in diameter - big enough to hold up to 1200 pounds of drinks and peeps. It deflates and packs down to a carryable 40" tall x 33" wide x 19" deep, and weighs 44 pounds.

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