Pod Space Prefab Backyard Office Cabins

Posted: May 17, 2020
Pod Space Prefab Backyard Office Cabins

Working from home could get even better for some of us, and become bearable for others, if our WFH office were a Pod Space office cabin. The prefabricated structures are Red Dot design award winners made to install simply in your backyard, operate functionally as a work space, with full insulation and green energy integration, and present as "a striking focal point in the landscape." I'd say Pod Space has achieved the difficult task of creating a space that allows you to go to the office and work from home simultaneously, and be excited about both.

Kind of like Archipod office domes, but with a more contemporary design than visitor from outer space aesthetic.

Shown above is the Pod Space Glide Pod, with standard dimensions of 5.72m W x 3.85m D x 2.5m H. Pod Space can custom make any of their designs smaller or larger according to space requirements and preferences. Additional models include the larger Eco Pod, the smaller Lite Pod, and the Baby Bear Neo Pod.

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