Looper Portable Resort

Posted: April 15, 2013
Looper Portable Resort

Looper pods deem themselves portable, eco-friendly, pimped-out resorts modeled after the ultimate pimp mascot: the caterpillar. Yeah...I would've gone with some sort of spiny-backed reptile or ancient dinosaur or Bowser from Mario, but to each his own, Looper. Branding isn't everything, 'ey? If I had the rumored $35,000 needed to buy a unit, I still would. I think they look pretty slick with their retractable roofs and open-air faces and portal windows. Top the aesthetics with interior amenities including an en-suite bathroom with solar hot water, an air-conditioned sleeping space, a desk area, and an LCD projector, and suddenly this caterpillar is looking more like me and Jimmy Buffett toked out on a beach in the Caribbean for the next 6 months.

Looper interiors measure 33' long x 13' wide and have a 9.8' ceiling height. Their translucent exterior covers are made of recycleable membrane flysheet designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, emit no volatile organic compounds, and "glow like a firefly at night". Weird. Everything wants to glow like a firefly lately. Me, I would prefer to sting like a bee or cut like a knife or walk like an Egyptian.

Pods configure and conform to a range of environments, including on rafts to serve as floating villas, at the edge of cliffs to train sleepwalkers to stay in bed, and mounted on stilts to create a Looper treehouse.

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