Better Than What's Really Inside Garage Door Decals

Posted: July 25, 2020
Better Than What's Really Inside Garage Door Decals

Best not to keep anything really good inside your garage because these snazzy garage door decals sporting vehicles, airplanes, animals, and scenes that are still probably better than whatever it is are sure going to draw all eyes to your otherwise unassuming tinker shed and car park.

Made by style-your-garage.com, these panoramic garage door posters come in a number of different sizes for single and double-wide garages. You can also custom order your size if standard offerings don't work. The decals' artwork and optical illusions are printed on PVC tarpaulin, similar to that used for truck tarps, and are fully weatherproof to wind, cold, rain, heat, and sun. They are rip-proof too, but can be cut without damage. And you're free to wash them when needed. (If you go with a jet, race car, or rhinoceros decal, doing that should make your neighbors' weekend.)

Fantastical decals stick to garage doors with Velcro stripping that makes them easy enough to attach, and allows for removal without damage. A complete securing kit is included with orders.

If you're not ready to commit to a full garage door mural just yet, you can always start small with fridge skins, and progress from there.

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