The Fingercrab

Posted: January 28, 2021
The Fingercrab
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Thing, is that you? How'd you get crabs? My money's on Cousin Itt. No? It was Uncle Fester?! How? He's so bald he doesn't even have eyebrows!

Well. Guess it's none of my business anyway.

I don't know if Clay Per Day's resin-sculpted, handpainted Fingercrab is meant to be home to The Addams Family's Thing, or just some other Thing-like thing, but it's clearly intended to be a realistic thing without being a real thing, and that's thing enough to creep me out.

If you need some decor for your next Halloween party, or a movie prop for your next horror flick, The Fingercrab would be happy to lend a hand. Well, more like a shell....

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