The Addams Family Uncle Fester Lamp

Posted: October 15, 2020
The Addams Family Uncle Fester Lamp
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Fester's Quest, based on the 1960s Addams Family TV show, was the first non-Mario, non-Tetris Nintendo game I ever got. It was really hard, and I sucked at it. Usually I died within 10 minutes, and spent the next 2 hours watching my friend Cornelius play so I could see what happened after Fester's encounter with the first alien boss. (No Twitch or YouTube back then, kids!) So, this Uncle Fester Lamp brings back a lot of ambivalent memories.

Not to detract from its brilliance. Artist Shrewd Ape's meticulous, detailed, and life-size Uncle Fester bust, paired with a perfectly in-character working light bulb sticking out of his mouth, is truly brilliant, in all senses of the word. I thought the Munsters Cuckoo Clock was a sight to behold, but the Addams Family Uncle Fester Lamp definitely beats it as the best piece of household decor fashioned after an eccentric gothic television family.

Handmade in the likeness of Jackie Coogan's Uncle Fester, the Uncle Fester Lamp head consists of a foam core covered in PlatSil Silicone, and fitted with resin eyes. Fester sits on a metal base padded into a bust shape, and covered in black cloth and a removable collar. The light socket in his mouth responds best to a low energy light bulb, since silicone can distort over time under constant higher heat.

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