Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Posted: January 10, 2015
Yeti 150 Solar Generator
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Sometimes it's kinda cool when the power goes out and you can pretend like you're camping in your own bedroom. Ha! Yeah, that's true for about 10 minutes once every 3 years, and only when it's between 65 and 72 degrees outside. All the rest of the time, get me some sort of battery-operated blanket and a Yeti 150 solar generator.

The Yeti 150 from Goal Zero powers laptops, lights, and smartphones indoors when the power craps out, as well as outdoors anytime since its compact size is ideal from camping and car trips. While the "solar" word is prominent in the generator's name, the device can also refuel from the wall or a car charger, and includes a 2-amp USB outlet, 12-volt outpu,t and 80-watt AC inverter. To charge the Yeti using the power of the sun, connect it to a compatible solar panel (Goal Zero sells plenty of them). Capacity is 150Wh and 14000mAh.

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