Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder

Posted: August 24, 2017
Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder
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Home maintenance. It's an upward climb. Got a good ladder for the ascent? Reviewers love Xtend & Climb's residential Telescoping Ladder. The aluminum climber extends incrementally by the foot to a max height of 12.5', granting access to any interior space. Unless you live in some pimped-out pad with 20' ceilings, in which case whoever's climbing on a ladder in your house is probably the hired help who brought over their own ladder anyway.

Xtend & Climb's Home Series Telescoping Ladder is made for the determined DIY-ers. Use it to do anything from changing a ceiling lightbulb to crawling into your roof framing space to shoo away the squirrels and seal up their access holes.

Just as magical as the Xtend & Climb ladder's growing power is its ability to shrink back down to a luggable, storable 32" when you're done with it.

The Type II ladder is rated to 222 pounds, and OSHA- and ANSI-approved.

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