WohnGeist Tools Luxury Cabinet

Posted: November 29, 2022
WohnGeist Tools Luxury Cabinet
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WohnGeist Tools has created a Luxury Cabinet of screwdrivers and wrenches, saws and hammers, drills and files, pliers and pry bars, all mounted neatly inside an elegant pear wood cabinet you may, in turn, mount on your wall in a magnificent display of instruments and implements so fine and so fetching they will be worth more and look better than any project you will ever build with them!

So really it should be called the WohnGeist Art Luxury Cabinet That Happens to Be Made Out of Tools. Priced at over 15 grand, it sure swallows better as artwork than a toolbox. And compared to Van Goghs, Picassos, Banksys, and that NFT you bought back in January, the WohnGeist is a steal!

The WohnGeist Tools Luxury Cabinet is a Swiss-made masterpiece intended to combine "harmonious architecture and iconic appearance" with a 3-part composition of a central foundation piece and 2 hinged side wings. All hand-sanded, -oiled, and -polished by master carpenters. Opened to full landscape presentation, the cabinet extends about 5' across, and rises just over 39" in height. You can also close the doors to create a solid wood portrait-style display.

Along with Switzerland, the tools inside the WohnGeist cabinet hail from Germany and Japan.

The WohnGeist Tools Luxury Cabinet is based on a longstanding WohnGeist tradition of having apprentices build a tool cabinet as a journeyman's piece to mark the end of their stay. Their apprenticing company then provides the high-quality tools to populate it as a graduation gift, and lasting companion to their future careers.

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