WohnGeist Tool Set

Posted: July 21, 2015
WohnGeist Tool Set
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These here are some fiiine tools. At least I hope they are because German manufacturer WohnGeist's 24-piece set and case cost upwards of $3 grand. Making them one of those stunning collections of highly functional and useful products that most owners will be hesitant to use out of fear of mucking them up. Ah well, if you've got the cash to spend, the tool set will look just as nice untouched and on display as it will get down and dirty when at work.

WohnGeist screwdriver, file, and pry bar handles, as well as the whole segmented 2m ruler are made of Swiss pear wood that resists warping and splintering when exposed to moisture. The same wood, plus leather for the handles, serve as the materials for the tool set's case. All of the tools are held in place inside the case with magnets, so carrying and opening it won't cause a cacophony or result in metal spillage all over your shop.

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