Walabot In-Wall Sensor & Imager

Posted: August 20, 2018
Walabot In-Wall Sensor & Imager
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Pipes, wires, studs, and rats. Yes, rats. Walabot is an in-wall sensor and imager that can help you detect building components and unwanted guests alike, anything metal, wood, plastic, or on the move that's hiding behind your concrete and drywall.

An Android smartphone attachment, the Walabot wall scanner uses radio frequency (RF) technology to provide its detection services to professional contractors, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, as well as "ambitious DIYers" doing some home renovation, or anyone who needs real-time visuals of what's lurking behind their walls.

The Walabot device provides 3 levels of information about components (and rats!) behind walls up to 4" thick. In Pan mode you'll be able to scan a panoramic view of a full wall line, with resultant images indicating approximate object locations and type, the latter indicated by unique colored stripes in the image viewer. Pan mode would be your choice for simple stud location, though you can save its data for use again in Image or Expert mode.

Image mode zooms in on specific objects located in Pan mode, and RF-analyzes their composition to give you a report on whether you're looking at wooden or metal studs, pipes, or wires.

Expert mode projects raw signals from the Walabot sensor, showing location in more detail, curves in pipes and wires, the intersection between two objects, and (rats!) movement in real time.

If he's handy around the house - or you want him to be - the Walabot has gift for a man written all over it.

Unless he has an iPhone, in which case it has P in the A return written all over it. The Walabot system is Android-compatible only.

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