Ultra Low Profile Offset Screwdriver Set

Posted: September 13, 2023
Ultra Low Profile Offset Screwdriver Set
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Sure does suck when you need to screw, but all the tools you've got to do it with are just too big. Too long. Too high-profile. Am I right, dudes? Am I right, ladies? Am I right, Henry Cavill? So let's all take a moment to thank Japanese brand ANEX for the Ultra Low Profile Offset Screwdriver Set, a short and stubby trio of tools that will ensure we can all screw anything, anytime, anywhere, no matter how tight the space.

The Ultra Low Profile Offset Screwdriver Set includes 2 types of Phillips and 1 flathead screwdriver, all with flat handles and the bits set at 90 degrees. The platelike handles are designed to be easy to press down and use force on, so you can loosen even stubbornly tight screws.

ANEX uses chrome molybdenum vanadium steel from Japan to make their screw bits, and says they are tough enough for both home DIY and professional use. The offset screwdrivers come bundled on a keychain, with a total weight of 2.82 ounces. Each screwdriver is 4.25" long x 0.4" thick.

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