Tube Cube Rotary Organizer

Posted: November 28, 2016
Tube Cube Rotary Small Parts Organizer
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StorTECH's Tube Cube Rotary Organizer packs and compacts all of your small hobbyist and homeowner parts into side-opening Twist Tubes that store as a vertical carousel inside an open Cube. Supplies such as screws, washers, diodes, and beads stay neat and contained inside their Tubes without taking up a large footprint on your desktop or in the garage, but remain easily viewed and accessed with a simple spin and pop.

Tube Cube systems are also modular, snapping together at their sides to increase storage, or stacking vertically to conserve space. Each Cube needs only 1/4 of a square foot to sit on your work surface, and when you want to move or stow it, grab onto one of the handles in its rugged skeletal frame without concern for which way is up. The 8 Twist Tubes lock in place on the carousel, and can be opened and accessed from there, or pulled out individually.

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