Thumb Scraper Sticker & Gunk Remover

Posted: May 07, 2020
Thumb Scraper Sticker & Gunk Remover
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The Thumb Scraper hard sells itself as a manicure preservation tool, but as a manicure-less dude, I find such exclusivity insulting. I may not need a special sticker, gunk, grime, and wax remover to protect my nail polish and plastic fingernails, but since I bite my real ones down to the quick, I have no built-in anatomical tools with which to scrape in the first place. Oh, except my teeth, but after I had to have that one capped my dentist told me I should probably stop.

The Thumb Scraper is a 3-5/8" x 1-1/2" multipurpose tool made of nylon, and covered with a non-slip grip. While it is made to replace your thumb as lead scraper, Thumbkin won't feel cast aside and left out during the dirty work. Its new role as lead leverager and conductor of the Thumb Scraper is just as important; it will even get its own molded seat on top of the tool for the duration of the task.

The listing here is for a set of 2 Thumb Scrapers.

And now, a Thumb Scraper tribute to Prince: Sexy mother f**ker thumb-scrapin' that tag, scrapin' that tag. Please, please, hold your applause groans 'til the end.

OK, this is the end.

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