The Rhino Hammer

Posted: August 24, 2016
$43 - $46
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It's a hammer stampede! Grab some nails and take out your aggressions, or just add this winning take on the animal kingdom's favorite horned herbivore to your collection of desktop toys. The Rhino Hammer is a functional toolbox mainstay designers iThinking hope you'll find a little more creative and a lot more adorable than the other hammers in your life.

Here's a Rhino Hammer GIF.

Definitely more creative and adorable than the other hammers in my life.

The Rhino Hammer is smaller than a standard hammer for easy storage and, let's be honest, even easier proud display as a piece of Dad decor. The rhino's body / storage stand and handle are made of lightweight aluminum, and its hammering head stainless steel. When removed from the stand, the handle extends and rotates to snap in place, revealing a carbon steel neck.

Rhino Hammers, seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter through September 22, 2016, come in Black, White, Grey, and Special Edition Silvery. Note: be careful if you go for the black one. According to Wikipedia, black rhinos are extremely, and sometimes randomly, aggressive since they have terrible eyesight and mistake harmless objects as threats. On several occasions people have seen them charge things like tree trunks and termite mounds. I bet if I got one it would inadvertently attack a car taking up 2 parking spots.

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