The Grypmat

Posted: January 15, 2017
$30 - $70
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I hate it when my tools keep sliding off the nose of the F-16 fighter jet I'm working on! Tom Burden, a mechanic in the US Air Force, developed the Grypmat because that lucky SOB actually had this problem. Maybe you do too. Or maybe you just need a grippy surface to stay put, and hold your tools put too, when you're doing home and car repairs, or tinkering in the garage.

Burden says his flexible rubber Grypmat provides an "insane grip" for tool junkie implements large like wrenches and small like screws alike. The compartmented surface is non-magnetic, non-slip, anti-static, and chemical-resistant for near-universal DIY and hobbyist use (check out the GIF of Grypmat meets whiteboard meets smartphone) and easy cleanup when it gets showered in sawdust and residue (and the GIF of Grypmat meets damp rag).

The Grypmat is made of a polymer-silicone blend that can stick to a variety of work surfaces, and secure tools at angles of up to 70 degrees. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, each with partitioned sections for holding different types of tools and hardware.

Currently seeking funding here on Kickstarter, Burden anticipates the Grypmat will be ready for shipment beginning June 2017. You can pledge for one, or a bundle, through February 3, 2017.

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