Tecra Tools 75-Piece Backpack Tool Kit

Posted: May 07, 2020
Tecra Tools 75-Piece Backpack Tool Kit
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Become the ultimate pack mule with Tecra Tools! This backpack tool kit contains 75 neatly arranged and snugly stored inch / metric tools suitable for service, warranty work, and installation jobs, as well as DIY weekend warrior work. US and European brands making appearances in the Bon Tool Pro Backpack include: Flir; Gearwrench; Wera; Nupla; Lang; VIM; Williams; Klein; Ullman; Bondhus; Mayhew; and Johnson Level.

Tecra Tools' backpack tool kit doesn't come cheap, but it does come as a pretty sweet gift for Dad, especially if you plan to ask Dad to load up and haul out to the bathroom, basement, garage, and back yard to make various home repairs.

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