Slice Box Cutter

Posted: November 20, 2021
Slice Box Cutter
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The Slice Box Cutter might not be on your holiday wish or gift-giving list this year because you or your recipients want one, per se, but it could be good to throw it on there anyway. With around $225 billion of holiday shopping being done online this year, everyone can benefit from a ceramic-bladed package opener that slices through tape and cuts down cardboard with the ferocity of Dionne Warwick on a Twitter rampage.

Slice makes its Box Cutter with a zirconium oxide ceramic blade they say will stay sharp up to 10 times longer than a steel blade. It is also non-conductive, anti-magnetic, and will never rust. For safety and ease of use, the Box Cutter has a 3-position manual slider button that locks the blade in 3 positions: fully extended; semi-protruding; and fully hidden. The blade included with your initial Slice Box Cutter purchase also has a rounded tip to prevent inadvertent jabs, be it of susceptible items inside the package you're opening, or of your own body parts.

At full extension, the Slice Box Cutter protrudes 1/2", so it is most suitable for cutting cardboard, corrugated packaging, foam, vinyl, and other burly materials. If you're looking for a tool to cut paper or thinner items, try the Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter.

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