Screw Chek'r SAE/Inch Screw Identifier

Posted: June 08, 2023
Screw Chek'r SAE/Inch Screw Identifier
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Ever want to know what kind of screw you're dealing with before you get too involved with it? Same. The Screw Chek'r is a pocket-, or toolbox-, sized 1/8" steel plate that will help you identify any screw you encounter.

At least the SAE or inch kinds of screws. You're on your own with the online dating kind.

The Screw Chek'r is made for handymen, mechanics, and DIYers who need a quick and accurate way to identify a range of screws. Use it on machine screws, wood screws, sheet metal screws, bolts, and cotter pins and rivets, and you'll be rewarded with the screw's diameter, size, pitch, and length. Sizes ranging from No. 4 through 1/2" in the UNC and UNF pitches are included.

The sturdy steel construction of the Screw Chek'r allows it to double as a straightener for bent screws, and a cleaner for dirty or rusty threads.

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